I think of the days I will hold you in my warms arms
And whisper the words you would like to hear.
To have my hands make love to your body
and pull your beautiful body so near.

I sometimes wonder what you are thinking
Is she thinking what I am thinking too
Sometimes it tears me up inside
Wanting to know everything about you.

It tears me up inside thinking will you fade away
Because I never want that day to come
For I feel complete with you so near
If you were to ever go my heart would go so numb.

I close my eyes to see you, your smile
It is everlasting in my soul in my heart
Once again I smile with you in my life.
With you never do I want to part.

I hold you in a special unique place
That was created just for you
Where you radiant smile forever shines
In a field of roses so pure and true.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful poetry. Your verses filled me up with peace - helped me to appreciate more the people around me and thus healed me from worry for self. Poetry heals our eyesight - brings art colors to our daily being through the loud announcement of the dreams. You as if joined art and life together. Thank you the hot.

  2. Thank you Tomas for your inspiring words.