Our Desire

Our lips slowly met each other
It was a warmth never felt,
It was so tender and sweet
It was so hot I wanted to melt.

Our lips parted and met again
To feel that one of a kind desire
The feeling was so strong
No water could put out this fire.

As our lips met again
Our tongues slowly did touch
Your tongue feeling like silk
It gave me such a rush.

I ran my fingers through you hair
And looked into your eyes
We kissed deeper and deeper
Our passion said no lies.

I ran my hands all over you
You felt as you were made of gold
Your beauty is infinite
And you are the best story ever told.

I pull you close to me
And hold you tight
I kiss your body all over
The moment feels so right

We feel each others’ passion
As our naked bodies unite
We embrace our desire
And make love all night.

Armando Cabral

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