In Memory of my Aunt Maria Rosa De Sousa

In Memory of  Ti-Tia Maria Rosa De Sousa

Your eyes closed for the last time
Never did I imagine how hard this moment would be.
Knowing you will not be in any of my tomorrows,
From this heart wrenched pain I want to be set free.

Your caressing hand I will have to do without
The warmth of your loving kiss ,
The comfort of your warm embrace,
Everything of you I will forever miss.

The words of comfort you sang to me
The shelter so warm you provided
The magic words of your direction
When I So helplessly needed to be guided.

You will live endlessly within us all
For like you there is no other
Your tender touch will be sorely missed
 God takes only the best,  and this time he called upon our mother.

Written By: Armando Cabral

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