A Star Wars Poem

And so from a dessert planet he was discovered
By our late Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn
Who found the balance of the force,
In a dessert full of wanted men.

Freed from slavery to become a Jedi
To fulfill his dream somewhere very far.
Leaving his mother and  C-3PO behind
To someday catch a bounty hunter in a Coruscant bar.

Protesting his mentor Obi-Won Kanobi
And wanting to have the power to give life
He broke all the rules along the way
Even making Amidala his Forbidden wife.

With Palpatine at his side
Telling him he’ll be the greatest of all
Vader is growing within him
Not knowing this will be his fall.

Loosing everything that he lived for
He turned to the dark side
Now he rules all the stars
Only a few can truly hide.

Emperor Palpatine completes his doing
By now having at his side Darth Vader
Everyone will fear him
Even Calrisian as he became a traitor.

And so the galaxy he ruled
With tie fighters in the sky
And AT-ST on the ground
And we all know why.

With a lightsaber in one hand
And the force in the other
He told his son Luke
That he was his father.

Not knowing what to do
With disbelief Luke turned away
Falling out of Vader’s grip
To return and fight another day.

Knowing the truth from Yoda
And Princess Leia at his side
Luke knew what he had to do
From this he could not hide.

So accompanied with Stormtroopers
Luke returned to see Darth Vader
Not knowing he would
Meet a power more greater.

Feeling the conflict in Vader’s heart
In front of Palpatine he had no fear
Knowing this is the moment
Quitting now he did not dare.

With no force strong enough
To turn Luke to the dark side
He begged his father
For something he knew that he did hide.

And with the balance of the force
Vader became Anakin once again
And finished the conflict
Saving Luke and himself within.

And so with his last breath
He completes his last Jedi course
He now stands next to Yoda
And the power of the force….

Armando cabral

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