It's No paradise

The birds I hear singing
As I lay under a beautiful palm tree,
Hiding from the hot shining sun
On a sandy beach by the sea.

I lay watching the boats afloat
I get up and walk to the ocean shore
I bend down and collect some seashells
Then I drop them just don't want to anymore.

I walk along the beach hearing music in the back
Knowing everyone is having a good time
Just wanting to be alone for some reason
Yet I cannot find a piece of mind.

Now being here in this paradise
I am here alone and sadly cry,
This paradise is no paradise to me
For this place means nothing since you've said Goodbye.


  1. Very touching Armando, well done and thanks for sharing this poem with us.


  2. I loved your poem, Armando. It has lots of imagery and feeling. I hope I do not offend you but there are two mistakes in your writing that I would like to correct. I am an English teacher and I can help you. The first one is that you should write,"I lie on the beach..." The verb 'lay' means to place something down. The verb lie means to recline. The correct use of these two verbs is very difficult and needs study. The second mistake is simple. I think you meant to say 'peace' instead of 'piece' Thank you for letting me help you. If you would like me to proofread at no cost any of your writing, please contact me. or

  3. Thank You for your input I Appreciate it very much.